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Your Guests Photo's. Instantly Yours.

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    Your Guests Photo's Instantly Yours

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Save £££'s

Save ££'s on the development of disposable cameras. Release the fear of the unknown as to what may be on them. Have they been used correctly? Will there be any photos worth while developing? You can see all the photos taken at your wedding live using our mobile app.

Multiple albums

A great feature of using our mobile application is the use of multiple albums. You can create 4 albums with no additional charge to yourself. Maybe one for your hen night. One for your stag night. One for taking pics of all those inspirational ideas you see and then one for your wedding. Each will have their own unique code meaning they are automatically sorted for you.

Share instantly

Your photos are stored on your wedding timeline website. Where you will be able to view, share and relive your magical day from your guests eyes. Using 1 click you can instantly share selected images straight to your preferred social network site.

Live Slide Show

You can arrange with your venue to have a live slide show of all the photos taken at your wedding using our app by having them projected onto the big screen. This is a great way to get your guests involved and to allow your evening guests to instantly see candid photos taken from your daytime wedding.

It's like everyone is using the same camera. You can literally see every image that anyone takes. It's brilliant!
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Frequently asked Questions

What is The Wedding Snap App?

A Clever selection of mobile apps both for iPhone and Android users. Users can create photo ‘albums’ for an event or a group and privately share messages, photos, with their guests. There is no need for disposable cameras.

When should I start using the site and application?

You can start using the wedding snap app the minute you start planning your wedding. You can use one of your albums to create a planning album straight away where you can store all of the photo’s of inspirational ideas that you take. You can use the provided templates to include details of your album codes for your guests to prepair ready for your wedding.

So, I can have muliple albums?

Yes, You can create upto 4 albums on our standard package.

Are my albums private from my guests?

Yes! Only those that you invite to share your album with you can view your photo’s.

What devices do you support?

The mobile apps are on  Iphone and Android. We are working on developing a Windows phone version too. There is also a mobile site that anyone on any smart phone anywhere in the world can join in and view your live stream of photo’s. Therefore if you have guests using a Blackberry for instance they can still join and take photo’s view your gallery and upload their contribution.

Will there be a app for tablets?

Of course, In development there is a application for both Ipad & Adroid tablets.

If my guests take photo’s with the app does that mean they won’t get them on their photo stream?

No, Every photo they take inside the app will still develop onto their stream so there is no danger of them not being able to use the photo and keep it for themselves too.