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    Your Guests Photo's Instantly Yours

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The Wedding Snap App

The Wedding Snap is has been developed and designed by myself Nicole Sharpe. I currently run a vibrant and successful wedding styling business (Design Elegance). Where throughout my journey has sold hundreds of disposable cameras and heard lots of stories about couples not getting them developed due to the cost and fear for the unknown of what is on them.

This got me thinking about a picture at my own wedding that a guest had taken on their mobile phone of myself and 2 of my bridesmaids. It took me weeks to get my friend to send the photo to me. Suddenly plans for a function inside a phone to send photos to a backend website for the bride and groom to automatically collect started to form.

The Wedding Snap App is born!
Lots of focus groups, Meetings with developers tantrums and tears (on my part) were amoungst us as we, a small team started the development of The Wedding Snap App. Deprived and run through a app which has been developed for iPhone users, Andriod users and later in the year Windows phone users. It allows guests to contribute photos to a Bride & Grooms online album for them to sort and share and view after the wedding or event.

I hope you enjoy using our system and I look forward to developing and listening to ideas throughout our journey.

To all of you, from all of us at The Wedding Snap App - Thank you and Happy Snaping!

Nicole Sharpe
Creative Director